Best external hard drives of 2022

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Here are the Best hard drives of 2022 with a full review. Let’s face it; the top external HDDs will be around for a long time. Sure external SSDs may be more efficient, better-performing, or less susceptible to failures. However, nothing is better than the benefits of HDDs, especially when you require a quantity of storage space less, or you have to buy a few of them to run your business.

The fact is that SSDs are more durable because they don’t have moving components. However, they are also likely to be more expensive even today. Meanwhile, external HDDs cost less. Actually, it’ll cost less to purchase an HDD with a higher capacity than SSD(opens in a new tab) with lower storage capacity. This is the solution if you’re looking for the most affordable solution.

However, suppose security or extremely speedy writing and reading speeds are more crucial. In that case, you’re better off spending your money on a secured storage device(opens in a new tab) or a portable SSD(opens in a new tab). If not, the user (and your bank accounts) will be better off buying one of the best external drives. Please look at our top choices below, including those suitable for use on Mac(opens within a new tab), Chromebooks(opens in a new tab), gaming, and photographers and video editors who want ways to cut costs. We’ve provided our cost comparison tool to help you find the most affordable bargains on hard drives(opens in a new tab).

The best external hard drive is essential.

If you’re looking to purchase the most suitable external hard drive to meet your needs, it is essential to ensure that you buy an item that can secure and safely keep your most important files. Reliability is crucial since you don’t want to purchase an external drive that cannot work and lose all essential backups.

The top external hard drives are also likely to be speedy – whether because they utilize SSD(opens in a new tab) (Solid State Drive ) technology or they utilize the most recent connectivity technology, for example, USB-C(opens in a new tab).

The best external hard drive to meet your requirements requires figuring out the space you need. It isn’t a good idea to purchase an external storage device that is too tiny, only to run out of reach, and then have to buy another. You also don’t want to spend over the chances for storage space that you’ll never use.

Furthermore, the most reliable external hard drives need to be durable and reliable to keep your data safe and secure. The most reliable external drives should be lightweight enough to carry in your bag and have significant capacities to ensure that you can keep your data secure while traveling.

The best external hard drive to be available in 2022.


Seagate Backup Plus External hard drive 5TB

(Image credit: Seagate)

At a price that could have bought you four TB of storage in the past, Seagate provides 5TB storage space in a highly compact device that can fit inside your pocket. It can be used on a variety of platforms. This device measures 7.62cm and 11.43cm and weighs just 1.9cm thick (3 3 4.5 0.75 inches). 0.75 millimeters) and weighs less than 200g (about half of a pound).

One of the main differences is the availability of a One-Year Warranty on Data Recovery Warranty. Still, we must stress that they’re not magical if your drive has been damaged. Always keep backups of your data. Your backups need to be redundant when you’re serious about doing it. What is your backup’s quality if you find that the drive isn’t working while trying to repair it?

In the context of “backups from backups,” This drive comes in various colors, so you may consider buying the red version if you would like the industry to be distinctive in black HDDs, or you can use different colors to distinguish various projects while making sure you know “which drives contain what.” Beats reading stickers.

The five-gigabit USB 3 interface makes it highly efficient and fully compatible with all devices. Seagate wants you to download its “Dashboard” software on Windows and Mac OS, yet the drive is perfectly compatible with any OS without needing it. Space-thirsty XBOX OneX(opens in a new tab) gamers will be thrilled to be filled with games. The drive isn’t secure or has encrypted features. However, there are plenty of expensive campaigns that offer this feature.


WD Elements 12TB External Hard Drive

(Image credit: Western Digital)

WD has created the Elements drives with a stylish case that can be positioned vertically. This seemingly minor detail does more than save space on the desk but also keeps the internals of the drive cooler. Its vents are located at the top and bottom. Holes.

Inside the bowels of WD Elements, it is a 3.5-inch desktop SATA drive that can handle 6Gb transfer speeds, along with an added USB 3.0 for the SATA interface. If stacked vertically, along with plenty of gaps between them, the drives are likely to last longer than internal purposes placed near an overheated CPU or when stacked horizontally on top of another.

The formatted product comes pre-formatted with the NTFS format, which makes it compatible to be used on Windows PCs(opens in a new tab), which is an excellent option because if you try to format the drive in a full format instead of the “quick format” for an industry that is larger than 12TB, you may have to wait for hours to complete. Mac users will, of course, be able to connect and then reformat the drive, and after an hour or so, it’ll work just as.

The WD Elements aren’t USB-port powered drives as a desktop drive within an external enclosure. They come with a wall wart power adapter about the same size as a typical cellphone charger, with a barrel connector.

The 12 terabytes are enough storage capacity to ensure you’re happy for a long time and provide many backups for entertainment, work files, or work files. There are larger models available. Capacity starts at 3TB and grows to four, six, eight, ten, 12, 14-16, and even 18TB. If you’re looking to get the largest storage capacity for the money, then look no further.


SanDisk G-Drive Professional 18TB external hard drive

hard drive
(Image credit: SanDisk)

Buy on Amazon: SanDisk G-Drive Professional 18TB external hard drive

If you purchase an enterprise drive and place it in a sturdy aluminum case with a compact, sleek design, you’ll have a fantastic external drive; however, if you were able to add a USB-C port that can work at 5 Gbps as well as two Thunderbolt ports and prepared your industry so that it is macOS prepared. You’ve got the best Mac(opens within a new tab) external hard drive.

Its G-Drive Pro delivers just that by using a powerful 7200 RPM class Ultrastar HDD capable of up to 195 MB/s in its sleek aluminum case. The 18TB model is the most impressive of a range of drives with high capacity, which starts at 4TB. Its two Thunderbolt ports let you connect six units using the same cable connecting to a Mac (or computer).

The drive is equipped, complete with the AC power adapter. However, it can function without it if it is powered by USB 3.2/Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt, making the power adapter a non-issue and enhancing the versatility of the drive. As thick as a pair of books, it’s small enough to fit into a backpack without the AC adapter and the cords that come with other drives.

A Thunderbolt 3 cable is included, and SanDisk also offers an impressive 5-year warranty which makes the argument for picking a different drive difficult.


ADATA HD710 PRO rugged external hard drive

(Image credit: ADATA)

With only tiny moving parts, HDDs ( HDDs(opens in new tab)) are fragile. Your actual data may be lost in seconds simply due to an accident. Most problems can be traced to damage to disk surfaces that result from physical shocks like being hit with a hammer, dropped, or tipped over. The sudden shocks, mainly when being used, could result in the head’s fall or even damage the platter. Exposing it to the elements can destroy your data and ruin your day. This is the reason why when you use external drives when you are outdoors, an ordinary external hard drive can be a dangerous proposition.

A device that is IP68-rated can withstand dust, dirt, and sand. It can also be submerged to 1.5m in 30 minutes. Sound great? It’s the type of certification that ADATA HD 710 Pro packs in its sleeves. The company went beyond the call of duty to safeguard HDD internals using silicone, a triple-layered construction, and vibration sensing technology to ensure it can withstand falls of 1.5m. We looked at earlier models that were more costly and less appealing here(opens in a new tab).

It’s lightning fast thanks to the five-gigabit USB 3.1 interface, and thanks to its 4TB capacity, it’ll meet the needs of more than enough of the typical mobile user working on the go. The company provides the model in four colors, making separating projects with color-coded drives easy, and I’m sure you won’t want to label your campaigns in an outdoor setting. The “wrap-around” system means that the cable will always be in the same place as the drive, ensuring it won’t get caught up or block the path. It’s a great feature to take the industry in your bag(opens in a new tab).

The frosting on the cake is ADATA’s 3-year warranty.


Sabrent Rocket XTRM-Q 4TB USB / Thunderbolt external SSD

(Image credit: Sabrent)

It comes with an aluminum enclosure which guarantees long-lasting durability while also offering excellent heat dissipation, a small size, and super fast speeds, the appropriately called Rocket provides a lot of reasons to go for it. It comes with capacities up to 16TB and is available with your option of choosing a flash memory. It’s compatible with the latest and fastest standards, such as Thunderbolt and USB 3.2. It doesn’t require you to play around with ports since there’s only one port: a USB-C connector on the back, which automatically shifts to TB3 and USB 3.2 mode.

Apart from its excellent compatibility, Alongside its excellent compatibility with Windows, Mac and Linux, and Mac, it also provides blazing rapid transfer speeds of as high as 2700 MB/s if connected to any computer that supports Thunderbolt 3 or higher. Suppose you attach it to a device with the USB 3.2 port, and the speed decreases to 990 milliseconds.

The performance of flash-based storage is also influenced by the type of memory employed: The QLC memory type is for workloads that require a lot of reading, and TLC flash memory will be better for workloads that require writing. Sabrent is wise to offer the drive with both QLC and TLC versions and lets you choose based on your needs and user requirements. The price difference is $100 as of this posting between QLC and TLC in the case of the four-TB model. Moreover, the TLC version has speeds of 2400 MB/s or 1800MB/s of R/W.

It has an integrated health and temperature monitoring system to prevent it from becoming too hot. This was a concern for the owners of its “Nano” cousin.

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